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    YOUR BRAND’S STORY IS BEING WRITTEN RIGHT NOW. And all of the elements that make up your brand — your product or service as well as your logo, mission statement, tagline, website copy and videos, photographs, and social media — all contribute to your brand’s story. Then there’s also any and all chatter about your brand that’s taking place, in real life or online.


    What are people saying about your brand?


    What is the story you want to tell?


    Once someone really starts focusing on brand storytelling, they may be tempted to try to steer the conversation by creating content that focuses on all the amazing things a brand can do and how this brand is much better than its competitors.


    But that can backfire.


    No one wants to seem like that person at the party who keeps talking about how great he is. Anyway, here’s a brand storytelling secret:

    Your brand’s story is not (only) what your brand says it is.


    Your brand’s story is what consumers, other industry members, and employees think when they witness your brand in any of its forms. What is the first thought that pops into someone’s mind when they consider your product or services, or when they see your logo, scan your posts, watch your videos, or read your tweets? In short, what do other people think of your brand?


    While you can’t control the conversation, you can give it a big nudge in the right direction, by creating content that shows who you are, what you care about, and what you stand for. By keeping in mind the central tenets of good content — clarity, accuracy, authenticity, quality, and by asking the important but oft-overlooked question “Does this content entertain, inspire, and connect?”


    Reach out if you need content strategy, a new or newly refined logo, a mission statement, an editorial calendar, blog posts, articles, video production, photography, or all of the above!