As a Fintech company, our products are sophisticated and we cater to a very specific audience which made us wonder if we should hire a financial technical writer to work on our new website copy. Weill Media came into our offices, carefully interviewed key stakeholders, and in a short amount of time understood our mission and products. They were able to write about us in a clear, benefits-driven way, streamlining copy and working fast to meet our deadline. Our content now has a consistent voice that “feels like us.” I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Weill Media for any of your content needs—naming, website copy, or collateral

Michelle FiordalisoVP Marketing, FastPay

The Weill Media producers curated and assigned dynamic, innovative stories that got noticed — and picked up — by mainstream media outlets.

Allison KingsleyVP Digital, Ovation

Hundreds of people have congratulated us on the impact, beauty, honesty, and integrity of our wonderful new website. People are deeply moved by the amazing photographs which capture the souls of our special kids. The First Star mission shines out of every page. It’s the most wonderful, smart, powerful gift you could have given them as they fight for their futures and we help them get there. Yours is a great lift to our whole endeavor, this wonderful thing we call First Star. Thank you!

Peter SamuelsonPresident/Co-Founder, First Star

Weill Media played a key role in the launch of the Snakkle website; the work they performed as editorial consultants was multi-faceted and first-rate. Their various duties included consulting on editorial direction and branding; overseeing managing editor duties to build a significant inventory of stories pre-launch; advising on design, development and building of the site; and preparing a competitive analysis of the marketplace. In all aspects of their work, Sabrina and her team were extremely organized, conscientious, responsive and flexible. Sabrina’s deep experience in launching websites and working in publishing was very valuable to us as we charted the course for our new website. I highly recommend Weill Media to any organization requiring the skill set and duties listed above.

Richard BattistaFormer CEO of Snakkle, current President and CEO of Time

Weill Media developed loads of terrific content, including incisive interviews that elegantly linked our website to our film. They delivered presentations to key execs here that seamlessly got everyone on board

Chris Gebhardt EVP, Participant Media