Steve and crew have shot in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, and across the United States, including, of course, here in L.A.
Several boys gathered to say goodbye as we finished packing up our van after filming at their remote cocoa village school. As we set off, Steve waved and the children gleefully began to run. Steve raised his camera, and got the shot — a moment that tells a story. Students in their school uniforms, with their books, backpacks, and smiles, attest to a client supporting a community that invests in its youth.
Weill Media has experience shooting branded photos and videos on location in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and across America.

With Weill Media, your images will reveal, monumentalize, and celebrate the people, environments, and emotions that affect viewers with their authenticity, uniqueness, and beauty.

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With an international photographer and crew experienced in documenting subjects and situations all over the world, your brand’s images can bridge cultures and understanding.
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The Weill Media team captures honest, compelling moments that tell a brand’s story without saying a word.